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- SPES BONA ACADEMY provides revision classes for both full time (weekday) and part time (weekends) students

- Students who are registered as either full time / part time students need not book for their revision classes.

Revision classes for the above mentioned students are automatically included in the fee’s and students are placed into the relevant classes accordingly

- Students who are not registered as either part time or full time students are welcome to book for revision classes. These are priced at R650 each and take place at the end of the semester before the exams

- Bookings can only take place by email ( ) and payment is required to confirm the booking

- Notes are provided with the revision class and notes can be collected / emailed on receipt of the proof of payment

- Full Time Students are not permitted to attend part time revision classes (and vice versa) unless previously arranged in writing

- Recording of revision classes is strictly prohibited

- Should a student not be able to attend a revision class, kindly advise the offices either by whatsapp or email

- If a student arrives late to a revision class, that student will be kept outside until the first break. Late coming is disruptive to the other students as well as the lecturer and this will be   applied strictly. Lecturers and students are not permitted to “keep a seat” for a student who is attending late. Space in these classes is limited

- A student who has booked and arrived late to a revision class and who has been kept outside until the first break will not be entitled to a refund for the missed revision class

- Revision classes are approximately 4-6 hours long and cover the module as a whole. The duration of the class is difficult to estimate and will run depending on the amount of work to be covered as well as the pace of the class on the day of the revision

- Revision schedules can be found on the SPES BONA ACADEMY website at under the “revisions” tab. Schedules should be checked regularly for any changes

- Students who attend a revision class and who are awarded a supplementary during that examination period will not be entitled to a discounted revision class the following semester

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